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The worst part of the music industry is actually getting into the music industry. You either have to live in a city where the music industry is (New York, Los Angeles, Nashville or Atlanta) or you have to know someone who is already in. For majority of us, neither one of these parameters apply.

That’s why we developed the Group 82 Internship Program. This is an entry-level remote internship for aspiring music industry professionals. You do not have to move from your current place of residence and you will learn invaluable information that will propel you to the next step in your career. We pride ourselves on giving you hands-on experience dealing with artists and learning how the music industry really is.



Picture of Alumni Member Hannah Myers

Hannah Myers

Hannah studies media management with a concentration in creative industry at Indiana University.

Currently, Hannah is working for Sirius XM Radio and Red Light Management in Los Angeles.

Picture of Alumni Member John Ricker

John Ricker

As a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in journalism, John chops existence into indelible words and transcendental sounds.

Currently, John is running the independent media company Adobe House Records.

Picture of Alumni Member Tony Dubose

Tony Dubose

Tony DuBose aka DJ Draulikz has been a dj since the age of 16. He recently completed his Master of Arts in Music Industry Administration from California State University Northridge. Since moving to Los Angeles, he have been able to DJ at notable Hollywood clubs such as OHM, Project LA, and Xen Lounge.

Tony previously worked for Revolt TV. Currently, he is currently working at Universal Music Group.

Picture of Alumni Member Jason Batchelor

Jason Batchelor

Jason Batchelor is a recent graduate of Full Sail University with a passion for bringing people together through music and entertainment.  Having studied music production, written songs for artists, and performed alongside them, Jason has an understanding of the industry from both the perspective of an artist and a entrepreneur. As an avid social media user he has an eye for aesthetics and understands how clear branding and a strong online presence can take an artist to the next level.

Currently, Jason took what he learned from Group 82 and applied it to this music career. He has gained serious traction on Spotify.

Picture of Alumni Member Christopher Fleitas

Christopher Fleitas

Chris is a Florida native who uses his out-of-the-box ideas and creativity on any project he takes part.  Chris has years of experience has a multimedia journalist, film critic, and playwright which gives him a unique voice and insight to his video editing.

Currently, Chris is spearheading video operations at The Safety People.


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Entrepreneur Program

At Group 82, we pride ourselves on working with serious artists and producers.  We understand that no creator has success by themselves and we want to reward those with entrepreneurial talent.  We want to share our profits with you.

Through our Entrepreneur program, we will kickback 10% of all business you bring into Group82.  How does it work?

-    Apply to the Group 82 Entrepreneur Program (HERE)
-    Once accepted, you will be given an Entrepreneur code exclusive to you. 
-    Any client that redeems your code during checkout will receive a 10% discount on their total purchase.
-    Once their services are completed, we will deposit a 10% kickback of their final total into your account.  (e.g. If they spend $1000, you will receive $100 from us)

The more often your code is redeemed, the higher your kickback percentage will rise.

Associate Header
Associate 1-5 Redemptions 10% Kickback
Manager Header
Manager 6-10 Redemptions 15% Kickback
Partner Header
Partner 11+ Redemptions 20% Kickback

Every entrepreneur receives a $100 Bonus

when they matriculate to a new level.

If you are serious about helping artists and producers while making real money, this program is designed for you.  If you are lazy, go sell tummy wraps.

Apply to the Group 82 Entrepreneur Program HERE