How To Get 1 Million Streams On



For a Platinum selling artist signed to a major label, $4,000 can’t even buy them a bottle of Ace of Spades at Liv on Sunday’s.  For an independent artist who wants to make music their full-time profession, $4,000 is a hefty chunk of passive income.  No matter how long you’ve been making music, accumulating 1,000,000 streams on Spotify is very realistic.  



Have your music mixed and mastered by a Professional Engineer


For a stream to count on Spotify, a user has to listen to your song for 30 seconds.  As an independent artist who is still establishing their fanbase, you have about 5 seconds to capture the listener’s attention.  Although it might not seem like it, you are competing against Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole for that listener’s ear.  Fans can only listen to one song at a time and you want them to listen to yours.  If your mix quality isn’t up to par, the listener will immediately think you’re trash and will press skip.  Find yourself a local engineer in your hometown that will professionally mix and master your record. 


Get Professional Artist Photos


We live in a visual world now more than ever.  Instagram and YouTube have changed how we engage with artists we enjoy.  When someone hears your music for the first time, they want to know what you look like.  Although iPhone cameras are improving, having professional artist photos on your Spotify Artist profile will separate you from every other lazy SoundCloud artist. offers a service where we will find, hire and book a local photographer for you.  Click HERE to hire a professional photographer in your hometown.


Get a Professional Artist Website


Vine, MySpace, Friendster, BlackPlanet…what do all of these brands have in common?  They are social media websites that aren’t around anymore.  Social media is a great way to gain a following and must be a focus for any artist today.  But you have no control over the future of these platforms. Instagram is on fire today, but there is no guarantee that its going to be around 3 years from now.   What you can control is your website and your e-mail list.  According to*, e-mail open rates for “Arts and Artists” have some of the highest percentages across all business sectors.  Fans value not being spammed so they protect their email address.  If they voluntarily give their email to you on your website, that is the most valuable currency social media has to offer.  Get your professional artist website with e-mail/newsletter integration built right now.


Post every song you have on Spotify


As an artist, you will be your toughest critic.  This is warranted and shows you care about the quality control of your product.  But every finished beat and song needs to be on Spotify.  If it is mixed and mastered, you need to release it.  Unless you are being pushed by a major label or a marketing agency, getting to 1,000,000 streams with one song is going to take you eons. Getting to 1,000,000 streams with 20 songs will take you about 12 months through  Distrokid lets you upload an unlimited amount of songs for one price.  Use this promotional code to get a discount when you sign up.


Take your music off of SoundCloud right now


We see it every day on Instagram.  A popular video goes viral and immediately some random trash rapper starts spamming the comment section with his SoundCloud link.  This is ridiculous for two reasons: A) No one has ever clicked on a random SoundCloud link and instantly became a lifelong fan of that artist. B) SoundCloud streams don’t pay.  SoundCloud is a dead platform that has been perverted by the major labels.  Having your music there cannibalizes your streams which cuts into your royalties.  If you have music on SoundCloud, take it off right now.


You need to market your music in a way that captures fans.  Instead of posting your SoundCloud link in random comment sections, post your Spotify Artist Page in your bio on all social media platforms.   Find Spotify conversations on Instagram/Facebook and join in.   Spotify subscribers are a higher level of fan than a SoundCloud streamer.  They are financially invested in their listening experience.  Which means they are willing to spend money on your music if they like it.  Spotify’s algorithms work to put your music in front of potential fans.  Once they listen to your song, they are going to want to know more about you.  A professionally written Spotify biography is a must to gain your new listener’s trust.  Don’t know how to write an engaging musical biography? Group 82 will write your biography for you and distribute it to all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). Click HERE to have Group 82 write your biography.


Contact Independent Playlist Curators


Since 2016, Spotify playlists have really established themselves as the primary source of discovering new music.  When playlist curators add good songs, they get more followers for their playlist.  When artists get on playlists with a lot of followers, they get more streams.  Streams = Money.  This is a win-win for everyone involved.  Independent Playlist curators love to add new, dope music to their Spotify Playlists.  In the past year, music by Group 82 artists has been added to over 5,000 independent playlists which has led to millions of streams.  If you want guaranteed Spotify Playlist Placement that reaches over 13,000 followers, submit your song to the Group 82 curated Spotify playlists HERE.



Getting to 1,000,000 streams on Spotify takes time, patience and a lot of man hours.  Here at Group 82, we have learned the most efficient way for independent artists to get to 1,000,000 streams.  We develop customized step-by-step plans for each of our clients to maximize their streaming potential.  Our flagship artist, Dorian, has over 2.5 Million Streams on Spotify which has made him over $10,000 from that platform alone.  No matter where you are in your career, we can help you start making consistent money from your music.