Guaranteed Spotify Playlist Placements


Guaranteed Spotify Playlist Placements

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Group 82 Music Spotify Playlist Network (8 Week Placement)

At Group 82 Music, we own and curate 6 Spotify Playlists. We control what songs get added and at what position. We will add your song to 1, 3 or all 6 of our Spotify Playlists. All of our music is on these playlists, so we are just as invested in their success as you are. Streams from these playlists are legitimate from real Spotify users. 

Do you want a Top 20 Spot on these playlists?

For an additional $65 (Originally $200), we will guarantee you a Top 20 Spot for 4 weeks. This option will give your song maximum exposure to the audience on each playlist.

Do you want to see our 6 Spotify Playlists? Click the numbers below:

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25 Guaranteed Spotify Playlist Placements (4 Week Placement)

This is our most popular choice.  Using our network of over 200 trusted playlist curators, we will get your song added to a MINIMUM of 25 Spotify playlists GUARANTEED. All of these playlists have been vetted by Group 82’s Quality Control Team and they have added Group 82’s music before. Streams from these playlists are legitimate from real Spotify users. Here are the numbers for “25 Guaranteed Spotify Playlist Placements”:

  • Total # of Followers in Network: 2,323,945

  • Average # of followers for the Playlists in our network: 24,535

  • Average # of playlist placements per purchase: 30

  • Average cost per playlist (30 placements): $33.23



The streaming market is extremely volatile and Group 82 LLC does not guarantee any specific outcome. Results will vary based on circumstances out of Group 82 LLC's control. We advise you to do your own analysis before purchasing based on your own circumstances. A playlist's past performance does not necessarily predict future results.

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